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14/02/2024 News

Sustainable vehicle maintenance: TotalEnergies features in Professional Motor Factor

TotalEnergies has been featured in Professional Motor Factor online, discussing why offering the right lubricant that meets demand for sustainable vehicle maintenance products to workshop customers can have commercial and environmental benefits.

As automotive businesses across the board look to become more sustainable – driven by regulation and market forces – there is a knock-on effect on the demand for vehicle maintenance products. Right across the automotive supply chain, down to consumer drivers, there is growing demand for products that are environmentally friendly and can help to increase vehicle lifespans (saving on the carbon cost of scrappage) and optimise performance (reducing emissions).

By considering the purchasing patterns and vehicle needs of the driver, motor factors are well positioned to help businesses and technicians choose the right lubricants for their customers’ vehicles. The new generation Quartz range of engine lubricants from TotalEnergies enhance engine cleanliness – and boost engine protection – while also improving fuel efficiency.

David Valentyne also highlights that TotalEnergies ecoefficient packaging solution Quartz Box uses 86%  less plastic and recyclable cardboard to help workshops reduce waste, improve efficiency and minimise the overall environmental and carbon footprint of essential lubricant products.

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