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NEVASTANE Food Grade Lubricant


Food processors need non-toxic machine lubricants that safeguard the safety of food and protect components from wear and ensure they perform their best. To help protect consumers and optimise operations, TotalEnergies has developed the NEVASTANE range of food grade lubricants, designed to eliminate threats to health if contamination occurs.

  •  NSF H1-registered, removing potential exposure to non-food compounds.
  •  ISO 21469-compliant, so completely hygienic.
  •  Allergen and GMO-free.
  •  Kosher and Halal-certified.

The NEVASTANE range of specialised food production lubricants keeps machinery working effectively, and the selection of synthetic, PAO, PAG, Esters, calcium sulfonate complex and PTFE lubricants ensure that there’s a high-performance lube for every step of the production line.

What’s more, NEVASTANE food grade lubricant is backed up by a global affiliate network for quick order fulfilment, technical experts across the world for easy optimisation and a total cost of ownership approach that ensures users get the best value for money possible. NEVASTANE features innovative food lubricants that benefit the entire product cycle.



Food production oil

NEVASTANE food production oils have been developed to protect a wide variety of food production systems. With wide temperature ranges, high viscosity indexes and formulations that allow for long-lasting protection against wear and corrosion.

Hydraulic oil for hydraulic systems and air-line lubricators with excellent anti-wear and corrosion protection.

Synthetic (PAO) hydraulic, compressor and pneumatic oil with extended drain intervals and high viscosity index.

Gear oil for gears, bearings, belts and chains with protection against high loads.

Synthetic PAO gear, bearing, belt and chain oil with extended drain intervals and wide temperature range.

Synthetic PAO gear, chain and bottling oil with outstanding thermal stability and water resistance.

Synthetic chain oil for belts, chains and high-temperature mechanisms with excellent thermal stability and low volatility.


Food production grease

For high-pressure applications, Nevastane food production greases contain a range of innovations designed to protect consumers from the negative effects of contamination while keeping machinery performing its best.


Multipurpose grease for crimping machines and bearings, providing notable resistance against corrosion.

Multipurpose PTFE tacky grease for loaded bearings and bottling machines, with exceptional adhesion, water washout protection and pressure characteristics.

Synthetic grease for bearings, turbines, freezing tunnels and fertilisers with a wide temperature range, excellent load resistance and long lubrication intervals.

Synthetic grease for loaded and shocked bearings and pelleting machines, with wide temperature range, long lubrication intervals and excellent load resistance.



Food production aerosols

Offering quick lubrication for smaller machines that require regular lubrication, the Nevastane range of food production aerosol lubricants save operators time and help them optimise production.

Multipurpose adhesive aerosol oil for small machines, conveyors, rails and packaging machines with exceptional metal adhesion and water, steam, acid and alkaline resistance.

Water-resistant aerosol grease for tools, bearings, hinges, chains, rails and springs with notable water resistance, metal adhesion and detergent insensitivity.

Silicone oil for chains, conveyors, rails and small machines, with insulating, anti-rust, high-temperature and anti-corrosion properties. Can be sprayed without propellant gas.


Specialised food production lubricants 

The Nevastane range also covers a selection of specialised food production lubricant products for manufacturers, covering specific processes and pieces of machinery that require targeted lubrication.

Cleaning and flushing lubricant with light viscosity and excellent solvent power.

Sugar dissolving oil that helps reduce maintenance costs and downtime.

MPG-based antifreeze for cooling circuits that protects alloys and metals from corrosion.

Heat transfer fluid for closed heat transfer circuits and fabrication processes, with excellent temperature resistance and long application intervals.

Food-safe and non-toxic, NEVASTANE meets the very high standards of the food industry while ensuring that operations are as efficient as they can be. For more information on the range, please consult the Nevastane brochure or contact the TotalEnergies team.