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25/10/2018 News

TotalEnergies Lubriclean EP – fast and effective open-gear drive cleaning


For industries and manufacturers, cleaning very large pieces of machinery such as open-gear drives can be a difficult and time-consuming process, leading to increased levels of downtime and higher maintenance costs. Up until now, these negatives were unavoidable, but now, with the addition of Total Lubriclean EP cleaner to our industrial lubricants range, engineers have a powerful new tool at their disposal.


What is Total Lubriclean EP? 


Lubriclean EP is a specially formulated product that scours, cleans and protects large, open-gear drives while they are operating under heavy loads. These heavy-duty drives are constantly subjected to abrasive materials and dusts so need to be lubricated, but over time, this can result in gear assemblies being covered in large volumes of sludge and dirt, harming their efficient operation and potentially damaging them.


How TotalEnergies Lubriclean can help your cement business


Lubriclean EP powerfully cleans open-gear drives, the teeth of gears and their housings quicker and more effectively than conventional products. It’s used in two main situations: to prepare gear sets and remove lubricants prior to interventions such as repair work, or as a means of removing abrasive dust and sludge that can wear away gears and their housings, whether they use a splash or circulation lubrication design.


Formulated to carry out these tasks faultlessly, the product provides all manner of benefits to businesses :


  • Can be used while gears are in operation, reducing costly downtime.
  • Simple cleaning can take as little as one hour, compared to 48 hours for conventional cleaning systems, cutting costs for businesses.
  • Removes grease, dust, lacquer and dirt, leaving gears looking good as new.
  • Non-toxic and biodegradable, with no chlorine, aromatics and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), keeping operators and the environment safe.
  • After cleaning, Lubriclean EP is left to slowly evaporate, becoming a high-performance film that can withstand extremes of pressure, making it an even more affordable choice for businesses.
  • The perfect cleaner and primer for Total’s range of cement machinery lubricants.

For cleaning open-gear drives, Lubriclean EP offers a high-performance, cost effective solution to businesses. To find out more about how it can help your business, watch the video below and contact our team.

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