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The ultimate guide to construction vehicle lubrication



The ultimate guide to construction vehicle lubrication Total UK

Behind every large construction project is a fleet of hard-working vehicles, plus expert operators whose job it is to keep high-horsepower equipment running perfectly. Whatever the job, these heavy-duty vehicles need the best when it comes to protection from wear, environmental hazards and the rigours of constant use. But when it comes to the individual vehicles themselves, what are the challenges they face and what lubricants, oils, greases and fluids fulfil those needs?



Excavator oils and lubricants

Used to move materials with ease, excavators are employed across a huge range of roles, from trench digging, to demolition, all the way through to mining. Designed to lift multiple tonnes, excavator components such as booms, hydraulic motors and tracks come under considerable stress, increasing the threat of wear. Also, due to the nature of construction sites, excavators are constantly battered by dust, material and mother nature, increasing the risk of corrosion and sludge formation.

That means the oils, greases and lubes used to keep excavators running need to be immensely hard-wearing. Excavator lubricants need to work alongside diesel construction vehicle engines with particulate filters, to ensure continued performance over long periods of activity and be long-lasting enough not to impact the profitability of operations.

Total’s range of high-performance excavator oils combat these issues with ease:

Compactor oils and lubricants 

Also known as road rollers, compactors are used in the construction of flat surfaces such as highways, sites and foundations. Weighing multiple tonnes, their engines generate extreme power to crush and flatten materials, meaning their components and the compactor oils that lubricate them need to be particularly hard-wearing.

As well as being required to withstand wear and stress, compactor oils need to be stable from oxidisation to reduce the risk of deposit formation and have excellent fuel and lubricant economy to reduce running costs.

Total’s construction vehicle lubricants fulfil the needs of contractors and construction businesses:

Dumper oils and lubricants 

Dumpers, also known as dumper trucks or tipper tricks, are key to ferrying large masses of material construction sites produce, keeping sites safe and schedules on time. Constantly in use and carrying multiple tonnes of earth, rock and construction materials, their engines, hydraulic systems and components need looking after with quality dumper oils, otherwise dusty site conditions, heat and wear can wreak havoc on budgets and timeframes.

Total’s range of dumper lubricants are designed to provide premium protection, covering components evenly to safeguard against wear, contaminants and much more:

Wheel loader oils and lubricants 

Used to move smaller volumes of materials around sites, wheel loaders need to be able to operate perfectly, and constantly, in order to keep works moving. In doing so, their engines come under considerable heat and stress, with components requiring good-quality wheel loader oils to withstand the regular changes of mass and the presence of particulates in the air.

Total’s wheel loader lubricants protect vehicles and their parts from these pressures, extending their maintenance intervals and reducing their running costs to the benefit of contractors and construction companies: