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At TotalEnergies we believe the only thing printing inks should emit is perfect colours, and not potentially harmful chemicals later in the lifecycle of the ink product. Our Scriptane range of ink distillates offers highly refined hydrocarbon fluids designed to make your colours brighter and your inks safer.

There are two product groups under the Scriptane brand. Scriptane PW is intended for the formulation of heatset inks for sheetfed and offset printing presses.

Also see our Spirdane range of high quality white spirits and our Ketrul range of kerosene-based products for cleaning fluids that are ideal for the printing industry.



Scriptane PW

  • Products for heatset ink formulation: Scriptane PW 24/27H, PW 25/28H and PW 26/29H.
  • Products for sheetfed printing: Scriptane PW 25/33H and PW 28/32H.
  • Products for coldset ink formulation: Scriptane PW 30/35H.

Scriptane PW approvals

Products in this range are widely approved by major printing companies around the world, and by regulatory bodies in the US, Europe and Japan. Safety compliance includes:


  • Meets purity requirements of the European Pharmacopoeia 6th Edition, including supplement 6.3.
  • Non-VOC at 20°C under EU Directive 1999/13.
  • Not excluded raw materials under EUPIA exclusion list for printing inks (10/2009).
  • Certified for Eco Mark in product category 102 in Japan.
  • Compliant with Rheinheitsanforderungen an flüssige Paraffine (155. Mitteilung Bundesgesundheitsblatt 25 (1982),192) in Germany.

Scriptane PW also complies with the following food contact regulations:


  • US FDA 21CFR 178.3620(b) concerning indirect food additives including adjuvants, processing aids and sanitisers.
  • EC Regulation 1935/2004 on materials coming into contact with food.
  • EUPIA Guidelines on printing inks applied to the non-food contact surface of food packaging.
  • LFGB – the German code on Foodstuffs, Consumer Goods and Animal Feed.
  • Swiss FDHA on Materials and Articles 817.023.21 Annex 6 table IIIB.

Due to their ultra-low aromatic content, Scriptane PW products have been awarded the Total Ecosolution label by an external auditor.

Total’s Scriptane products are used to produce inks of a consistently high quality by manufacturers around the world. Product benefits include:


  • Virtually odourless
  • Crystal clear PW distillates
  • UV resistant guaranteeing long-term stability
  • Controlled rates of evaporation
  • Well balanced between solvency and evaporation
  • Excellent for a closely controlled manufacturing process for high quality inks