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03/01/2024 News

Lubricants protect beyond just tools: TotalEnergies features in December edition of Machinery magazine

TotalEnergies has been featured in the December Issue of Machinery magazine, discussing how metalworkers can improve sustainability practices through the correct lubricant selection.

As efforts to improve the long-term environmental impact of industrial activities in line with the UK’s net zero commitments ramp up, the metal working industry has a role to play, too – not least by incorporating sustainable solutions into their processes to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and mitigate the environmental effects of industrial production.

Opting for products that are bio-sourced and biodegradable can help reduce the industry’s negative environmental impact. Specialised pure cutting lubricants that have ‘High flash point’, such as TotalEnergies’ Valona BIO, combine biodegradability with exceptional performance.

Songul Facey also explains how products like TotalEnergies’ Folia range can support increased industrial performance alongside achieving significant sustainability and health and safety benefits, through delivering longer fluid lifespans and cleaner, safer operations.

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