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07/06/2024 News

Optimising metalworking fluids: TotalEnergies features in the June edition of Lube Magazine

TotalEnergies has been featured in the June issue of Lube Magazine, discussing how metalworkers can maximise their energy efficiency and workplace safety with the right choice of lubricant.

From precision-engineered bespoke products to large-scale machining of parts and components, metalworking is an essential part of the UK’s manufacturing economy. The UK government has set a target to reduce energy consumption by 30% by 2030, and with this deadline fast approaching, it’s essential that the manufacturing sector, including metalworkers, assess their environmental impact.

With this in mind, the right fluid, such as Valona Bio, can achieve energy efficiency and longer tool life, reduced downtime and consumption, and reduced waste – all of which contribute to increased productivity, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness.

Songul Facey also sets out effective techniques for mitigating workplace risks, such as training, safety protocols, monitoring and maintenance, including LubAnac by TotalEnergies, an Industry analysis service that provides comprehensive lubricant oil analysis to ensure you are equipped to make the best decisions with regards to your equipment.

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