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Purity and quality – always striving for better


Producing the purest hydrocarbon solvents is our top priority, and we monitor each fluid from development and production right through to delivery. This focus on quality is why our fluids are used across such a broad range of industries including automotive, ink, paint, silicone sealants, cosmetics, crop protection, drilling and more.


We aim to produce fluids that are:

  • Safe
  • Compliant with local regulations
  • Registered for their application


To achieve this, we work with the authorities, industry groups and associations to ensure we meet all relevant regulatory requirements. For example, we are active members of the UK’s Solvent Industry Association (SIA) and European Solvents Industry Group (ESIG). Together we support the responsible use of solvents and best practice. Our products comply with the laws, rules and regulations wherever they’re sold, and we can provide certification for any specific usage.


Innovation – our job is never done

At TotalEnergies, our years of experience and commitment to R&D have put us at the forefront of the hydrocarbon solvents industry. We strive to deliver superior performance and competitive prices with each new product that we work on. Our formula for success can be broken down as follows:

  • Focus on the customer’s needs.
  • Continually monitor and assess our products, procedures and logistics.
  • Improve our products and supply chain, creating bespoke customer solutions.
  • Anticipate future requirements across industries, around the world.
  • Deliver quality, safety and energy efficiency at every stage.

This way we can continually enhance our offering, and find the right solution for you. With each step forward our products are purer, more biodegradable and safer.



Taking responsibility – protecting the environment

Sustainability and minimising the environmental impact of our products are guiding principles for TotalEnergies Special Fluids. These apply equally to our own manufacturing processes as to the impact our hydrocarbon solvents will have in their end use. We look at the entire product lifecycle. Our commitment covers:


  • Innovation - developing de-aromatised, biodegradable and safer products.
  • Production - striving to achieve energy efficiency and minimum waste.
  • Logistics – optimising our supply chain to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • End-of-life - the best solution to recover packaging and recycle products.


We have also developed the TotalEnergies Ecosolutions to help our customers reduce consumption and environmental impact while using our products and services. The award of the Ecosolutions label is an externally audited process. To qualify, products must be commercially available, improve environmental performance, and offer better health and safety standards to users. The product can’t merely meet existing regulations or guidelines. Its improved environmental credentials must last throughout the full product lifecycle.