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14/05/2024 Press release

Quartz prize package delivered to TotalEnergies ‘Fit for the Future’ award winner Mill Lane Garage

TotalEnergies Marketing UK visited Mill Lane Garage to present its chosen prize bundle as the winner of the inaugural TotalEnergies Fit for the Future award.

Mill Lane, located in Kingsley, Cheshire (WA6 8JB), was selected among a range of qualifying independent workshops for its commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility, including having invested in solar panels to reduce grid energy consumption as well as an impressive tree planting scheme on land adjoining the business site.

Choosing from a range of prize bundles each worth £5,000, Mill Lane selected the ‘Quartz Package’, consisting of:

  • Quartz lubricant to provide a full oil change for more than 100 vehicles, developed to improve engine efficiency and reduce the emissions associated with motoring.
    The product was provided to Mill Lane packaged and delivered in the innovative and eco efficient Quartz Box, which is 100% recyclable and helps garages significantly reduce their overall carbon footprint while minimising waste and improving logistics, storage and safety.
  • 2x Quartz customer display stands to provide Mill Lane customers visibility of available solutions and increase motorist confidence, knowing that their vehicle is being maintained with product that has been approved by around 99% of the UK car parc’s OEMs (and specifically recommended by a third).
  • A full year of service from TotalEnergies UK partner Slicker, which collects, processes and recycles the waste oil generated by workshop activities, massively assisting Mill Lane in its transition to becoming more sustainable.
  • More than 10,000 units, taken together, of Eco floor mats and recyclable seat covers to help Mill Lane mechanics reduce waste associated with customer service.

The Fit for the Future award was launched to recognise and reward independent workshops who are evolving their businesses as part of the decarbonisation of the automotive industry and the transition to more sustainable mobility.

David Valentyne, Business Development Manager at TotalEnergies Marketing UK, said:

“It’s great to be able to reward Mill Lane Garage for all of its efforts to further sustainability in motoring and vehicle maintenance. As transport continues to decarbonise and transitions towards cleaner mobility, mechanics like those here at Mill Lane play an essential role in maintaining our current vehicle fleet, keeping engines running as cleanly and efficiently as possible.

Put simply, an engine maintained to a high standard, not least using high quality lubricants, produces far less emissions, and is much less likely to need replacement or, worse, scrapping – which comes at a huge carbon cost.

The state of the art Quartz series has been developed to incorporate the latest technologies and to meet the needs of major vehicle manufacturers and drivers, enhancing engine cleanliness, boosting protection and helping to reduce emissions. In addition, Mill Lane is also benefiting from having Quartz supplied in our state of the art Quartz Box eco efficient packaging, as well as our partner supported waste oil recycling service – helping to bring circular economy principles to engine maintenance and assisting Mill Lane to continue to decarbonise and lead the industry by example in terms of commitment to sustainable business.

“Congratulations again to everyone at Mill Lane for their efforts. We look forward to hearing of more sustainability success from independent workshops across the UK when Fit for the Future opens again for entries to the 2024 awards later this year.”

PJ Starkey, owner of Mill Lane Garage said:

“We are really pleased to have chosen the Quartz package prize, which will bolster our sustainability efforts in a big way. ICE vehicles obviously are problematic in terms of the environment, and we need to be doing whatever we can to reduce negative impact. That includes how we run our business, and the service we give to customers to help them drive more cleanly and efficiently.

Keeping on top of engine oil levels is an easy win for drivers to reduce emissions, and clearly being able to use a top of the line lubricant like Quartz which is manufacturer approved improves things even more. The Quartz Box is really impressive, too. We can store more product and because of the no-spill package there’s little to no risk of waste. Being able to recycle the packaging helps with our footprint too, and we’re looking forward to working with Slicker over the next year to improve our recycling even more.

“Fit for the Future is a terrific initiative – a big thank you to TotalEnergies for recognising all of our sustainability efforts with this award.”

TotalEnergies’ products and services are helping independent workshops and motorists reduce emissions and improve sustainability. Contact our team for more information.