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Agriculture is always advancing with new technologies, crops and techniques as we face the challenge of feeding the population nationally, and around the world. With TotalEnergies leading the way in lubricants and crop protection development, farming operations can rely on us for solutions now and in the future. With our engine oils and fuel solutions we make sure your machinery runs smoothly, while our paraffin-based crop protection products ensure your harvest won’t be affected by insects or plant diseases.

Engine oils, and more

Using the latest innovations in lubricant formulation technology, our Tractagri range delivers top performance for the latest tractors, and older models. We offer Fuel Economy engine oils and transmission fluids specifically for agriculture, and we are leading the way with biodegradable oils that won’t damage crops. TotalEntergies' Multagri range of oils provides a single solution for agricultural equipment. Products such as Multagri MS 15W-40, Prot-Tec 10W-40 and Super 15W-50 are not only engine oils, they can also be used to lubricate transmissions, brakes, and more. Meanwhile, Transmission fluids, coolants, greases, chainsaw oils – wherever you look, we’ve got a cost-effective solution for agricultural equipment.




Protecting your crops

Producers around the world rely on paraffin-based products developed by our Special Fluids division to protect their crops from insects and plant diseases. With over 30 years in the field, working closely with growers, industry bodies and regulators, we’ve not only created products that are effective, but they’re safe too. They are classified as readily biodegradable, no resistance develops in targeted insects and fungi, and they’re authorised for use in organic farming. Because they offer benefits on so many fronts, TotalEnergies paraffin oils for crop protection are trusted all around the globe.





Quality fuels

Our Commercial Fuels division supplies high quality fuel to farms across the UK, and around the world. TotalEnergies gas oil and Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel are used to power tractors, combine harvesters and other mobile farm equipment. Meanwhile, gas oil and kerosene are used by some operators to dry grain after it has been harvested, and before storage or distribution. To find out more about these products, contact our Commercial Fuels team.