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05/02/2019 News

TotalEnergies Brings Folia to Market


TotalEnergies Lubrifiants, a leading player in the global lubricants market, announces the launch of  Folia, a revolutionary development in the field of metalworking. Folia is a biosourced, water-based fluid free of mineral oils and emulsifiers. Offering outstanding cooling and lubricating properties, it provides users a unique solution for a variety of machining operations.

Folia delivers substantial productivity gains, longer tool life and lower operating costs and can also reduce the number of processing steps. Folia’s excellent cooling power and lubricity extend the tool lifetime and allow operators to manufacture more parts at a higher rate, reducing tooling costs which are a significant expense.

TotalEnergies is committed to supplying energy that is affordable, reliable, clean and meets the highest safety & environmental standards. It is proud to offer a tangible solution to the challenges faced by the metalworking industry. Additionally, Folia addresses three important focus areas: Health, Safety and Environment.

Health Benefits: Reduced odour, less fumes due to high cooling power, Kinder to skin at direct contact, less hazardous components.

Safety Benefits: Smaller inventory due to fewer stock-keeping units, non-slippery floors, cleaner operations and workspace.

Environmental Benefits: Long fluid lifetime, safer for the environment, regular waste treatment methods, biosourced raw materials.

TotalEnergies continues to differentiate itself from competitors through listening to their customers’ needs by making working conditions safer and cleaner with Folia with higher performance.

Peter Allen, metalworking technical sales manager at TotalEnergies Industrial Lubricants, said: “We are excited to bring this game-changing product, which provides outstanding performance and better results than any conventional lubricant, to the UK metalworking industry.

“Based on renewable raw materials in the form of a biopolymer, and free from oils and solvents of any kind, Folia offers extraordinary performance and versatility coupled with industry-leading health, safety and environmental benefits.”